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Cube 1

“Eyebrow’s Garden City is one of the most beguiling records I’ve heard in ages: a music of substance and elegance that slips easily between foreground and background, unassuming in its surfaces but best rewarding the closest attention. Quiet imagination and intimate beauty, spare and discreet without being forbiddingly austere, and recorded with fine clarity and presence. I hope a lot of people get to enjoy it.” (Richard Williams,

“Amazingly symphonic: the ideal place for this music would be a cathedral, or a clifftop, or maybe an asteroid” (Bristol Post)

“this duo have been spellbinding audiences wherever they play. Their combination of deftly-sculptured soundscape trumpet loops and subversively strict rhythms opens up a sonic world of amazing variety thanks to their mutual dexterity and economy of well-framed ideas” (Venue)

“haunting sounds trickle down the spine like dripping stalactites. With just one drummer, one trumpet player and a host of expertly controlled effects boxes, they create a sound that is both gentle and unsettling. This band would be perfect to stumble across at a festival during daybreak, jamming with the dawn chorus” (Morning Star)

“spellbindingly rhythmic drums and the deft soar of trumpet. Diversely difficult to describe or pinpoint, Eyebrow are at once ambient, minimalist and rich. Wonderful “ (AAA Music)

“their minimalist, ultra-repetitive, gradually shifting rhythms sound less like jazz and more like electronica. Excellent” (Mapsadaisical)

“music that drew the audience in and held them spellbound” (All AboutJazz, reviewing Eyebrow’s Union Chapel gig, London, 2010)

“not the birth of the cool, but surely the rebirth. Amazing” (